Have you always wanted to get started with yoga but were concerned you either couldn’t do it, or would get lost amongst the other students in a large class and possibly injure yourself?

We want to make yoga a possibility for you, so here is the perfect opportunity to get started with private or semi-private yoga sessions, either at our Upper East Side office or in your home.

Yoga can complement your physical therapy by contributing in the development of strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and confidence.

If you’re not already seeing us for physical therapy, one of our therapists can evaluate you to see if there are any areas of limitation that our yoga instructor needs to know about. Or if they find that you’re not quite ready to start yoga practice, our physical therapist can develop a treatment plan to get you there.

You know you will be safe because we know, in detail, your body’s capabilities and limitations, so we can customise or modify poses for you to be successful in your practice. There will be direct and ongoing communication between your yoga instructor and your physical therapist. Personalized sequences of the right poses for you will be designed for your home practice, in consultation with your therapist.

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for 10 minutes or 10 years, yoga can also provide stress relief, increase energy levels and add some playfulness to your exercise program! It’s so good for you in so many ways, some insurance plans even include coverage for yoga sessions.

Get to know our Yoga instructor or Contact Us to arrange a yoga session or ask our administrative staff to call your insurance carrier and find out if you’re covered.