Sometimes it’s hard for you to get to one of our offices, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your physical therapy.

Our therapists will come to you, using their expertise and creativity to work with you and what’s available in your home. You’ll get the same personalized experience but in the comfort and convenience of your own home. There, our therapist can witness the difficulties you might be experiencing with everyday activities such as washing, dressing, getting in and out of bed or up and down stairs. From this our therapist can advise you on home adaptations to enable you to regain or retain your independence and increase your quality of life.

Or it may be as simple as showing you what resources you have in your home that you can incorporate into your exercises even when we’re not there.

You don’t need to be home bound to take advantage of Home Physical Therapy.

Most commercial insurance plans cover Home Physical Therapy using the same physical therapy benefit as your outpatient physical therapy coverage. Our administrative staff can call your insurance carrier and let you know your benefit for Home Physical Therapy.

If you have Medicare, Home Physical Therapy is covered under your Part B plan, the same as outpatient physical therapy. Here are some examples of how a patient might be eligible for Home Physical Therapy under Medicare Part B, even if he or she is not completely home bound:

  • The patient is able to get out, but does not have the ability to reach a qualified physical therapist on an outpatient basis. For example, if getting to a physical therapist will increase pain to a level that would prevent productive participation once the patient got to the outpatient location.
  • For a patient who experiences heightened confusion or attention difficulties outside of the home environment, therapy is better suited in the home.
  • Extreme environmental conditions (such as snow, ice and cold temperatures) that make travel risky, given a patient’s particular functional status.
  • Patients with complex conditions that require a lot of functional training to improve quality of life in the home. In some cases, it is more practical and relevant to address mobility skills in the patient’s own home, rather than trying to mimic them in the clinic. For example, if a patient is having trouble getting into and out of a bath tub, what could be better than training that patient using his or her actual tub in the patient’s home or apartment?

If you have Medicare and are not sure if you would be eligible to receive Home Physical Therapy, you can contact us and one of our therapists can come to your home and perform an evaluation to determine whether you would be best served in your home or in one of our two conveniently located offices.